Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for two events?

Yes you can. You need only pay one entry fee, the greater of the two registration fees. For example someone entering the Family Fun Mile and another event would pay the higher amount and would still be officially entered to run both.

Is there Race Day Registration?

Yes, at the starting line, at Pedregosa and State Streets.

Are Official Results available for the Family Fun Event?

No. The event will be timed and a finish clock will be visible at the Finish Line, but, this is a non-competitive event for which official results will not be available. Medals will be given to each child who crosses the finish line.

What is the Masters Elite mile?

The Masters Elite Race is a race offering an added degree of competition to the runner over 40 who wishes to qualify for prizes. Times and results are Age-Graded. There is no qualifying time for the Masters Elite Mile. For information about your ranking given age grading go to:

Is there a qualifying time for the Elite Mile?

In order to qualify for the Elite Mile you must have a verified time of 4:15 (1500m) / 4:30 (Mile) for men and 5:15 (1500m) / 5:30 (Mile) for women. Runners are only eligible for prize money if they run better than the qualifying time.

Is the Course marked?

Yes. There are quarter mile markers with timers calling split times.